Airmax Diffuser Membrane Stick and Sleeve

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Membrane Diffuser Stick
Membrane Sleeve (6")

ProAir Membrane Diffuser Stick and Sleeve

ProAir Membrane Diffuser Sticks are designed to replace the air stones found on older Airmax Aeration Systems. These high-performance pond diffuser membranes are virtually maintenance free and easily screw into your existing ProAir 2 or ProAir 4 Diffuser Plate. Each Membrane Diffuser Stick measures 6" in length and is 1.5" in diameter. Membrane Diffuser Sticks should not be used in combination with Airmax Air Stone Diffusers on the same aeration system.

PTFE Diffuser Stick includes stick, membrane sleeve and two black retainer rings. Retainer rings can be purchased separately when purchasing the PTFE Membrane Sleeve only.