Shallow Water Aeration Systems

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2-Diffuser Aeration System
4-Diffuser Aeration System

Shallow Water Aeration Systems

Shallow Water Aeration Systems combine all of the components you need to aerate ponds and lakes up to 7' deep and a half acre in surface area. Complete systems include Aeration Cabinet Assemblies with all subcomponents pre-installed, Shallow Water Diffusers, Weighted Tubing, and all necessary fittings.

Description Shallow Water Aeration System with Two Diffusers Shallow Water Aeration System with Four Diffusers
115 115
Amps 0.9 1.4
Watts 112 170
Max LPM 110 240
Max CFM 3.9 8.5
Coverage Area Up to 1/4 surface acre Up to 1/2 surface acre
Coverage area at 2' 1/8 acre 1/4 acre
Coverage area at 4' 1/6 acre 1/3 acre
Coverage Area at 6' 1/4 acre 1/2 acre
Pond Depth Ponds up to 6' deep Ponds up to 7' deep
Includes Cabinet with 2-outlet manifold and Linear Piston Compressor Cabinet with 4-outlet manifold and Linear Piston Compressor
Warranty 2-Year 2-Year