Floating Alligator Head

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Floating Alligator Head

Dalen has perfectly recreated an alligator head decor featuring glassy eyes, nostrils, and white, upward-facing teeth to complete a semi-aquatic reptile look that will deceive birds! This realistic gator head is not remote controlled. It is simple to remove from the pond when no longer needed and the perfect decoy to protect your fish or just prank your friends.

Why is this product for you?

Are you tired of birds and other wildlife wreaking havoc in your water feature? This realistic alligator head naturally deters animals without harming them. Our garden pond decoy is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted by skilled artisans exclusively for you! This familiar shape hinting at an alligator waiting for its next meal is often enough to dissuade animals from visiting. 

Note: Natural Enemy Scarecrows work through biomimicry, and a motionless animal isn't lifelike. If you set up an owl and leave it in place for the whole season, pests can easily adapt to its presence. We recommend using our Natural Enemy Scarecrows as needed, and keeping them indoors when out of use.