Dalen Netting 3/8"

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Dalen Pond Netting

Floating protective netting for water gardens, pools, and hot tubs

Product benefits: 

  • Protect fish from cats, birds, and other predators
  • Catch falling leaves and debris
  • Small mesh stops insects & locusts
  • Quick installation
  • UV resistant
  • Reusable and long-lasting
  • Weatherproof
  • Superior quality mesh

A good pond netting is strong and long-lasting. It's perfect for activities like DIY. aqua-scaping. waterfall elements, etc. Gardeners and anyone who appreciates a tidy look or an elegant ourdoor decor in their compound would need a protective netting. Don't be stressed anymore about falling leaves in the fall or predators that may harm your fish.

Our heavy-duty protective mesh for fish ponds covers any kind of pond, pool and water garden effortlessly. Installing the pond & pool netting takes only a few minutes of your precious time. Besides, you can roll it up when done, for easy storage or next time use. The resable floating net will give you peace of mind that your fish ponds are safe, your swimming pool clean and much more. 

Avaliable sizes: 7'x10', 14'x14', 28'x28', & 28'x45'