Atlantic Pond Netting

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Atlantic's Pond Netting 

Atlantic's Netting keeps out leaves and other wind blown debris for a clean pond in the fall and spring. Its durable poly netting is UV-resisitant for an extended lifespan. Its physical barrier also protects fish from heron and the predators. Netting your pond helps reduce organic waste that can fuel algae growth and reduce oxygen levels. 0.5" x 0.5" openings keep out smaller windblown debris. With 4 pre-cut, 3 roll sizes and sizes ranging from 15-100 feet, its fit for most water feature designs . The new stake design is longer with a larger diameter head for improved net retention.

Tech Tip

To prevent leaves from decomposing and fouling the water, stretch your nets as tightly as possible over the water feature just before the leaves begin to fall. This wil keep the leaves from accummulationg below the water level. For best results use the Pond and Garden Protector which keeps leaves out of your pond completely. 

Available sizes: 10'x15', 15'x20', 20'x20', 20'x30', 10'x100', 20'x100', 30'x100' & 50 Count stakes