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Airmax® Pond and Lake Management 

In just five minutes, you will learn how to turn your pond or lake from an unsightly mess into a clean, thriving, balanced ecosystem. Airmax’s success is based on a simple, 3-Step approach to Pond and Lake Management…known as the Airmax Ecosystem. Whether you have a small pond or a 100-acre lake, the 3 steps of the Airmax Ecosystem are the same: React, Prevent, and Aerate. React: Control Algae & Remove Excessive Growth Aerate: Circulate Water & Increase Oxygen Levels Prevent: Eliminate Muck & Improve Water Clarity Airmax, with over 20 years of industry and field experience, is the leading manufacturer of aeration and natural water treatments for ponds and lakes. The three simple steps of the Airmax Ecosystem will revitalize your waterbody, creating a clean, clear, thriving pond or lake you can enjoy for years to come.