Seam and Repair Kit Components

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Quart of Primer
Gallon of Primer
Black Caulk 10 oz
Pipe Boot
1 1/4" Seam Roller

Seam and Repair Kits

A rip or tear in your liner may not require a full replacement. Save time and money with our wide variety of repair options.

The following individual repair kit components are available for servicing your liner:

  1. 97051Q - Quart of EPDM Primer and Splice Wash

  2. 97051G - Gallon of EPDM Primer and Splice Wash

  3. G300LSB - Black Lap Caulk (10 oz Tube) for creating waterproof seals

  4. PIPEBOOT - Rubber Pipe Boot

  5. 30122 - Seam Roller 1 1/4"

  6. 1500-3 - 3" Paint Brush

 Compatible with liner seam tape and flashing tape.