Livingponds 22" Waterfall Filter (without SpringFlo Filter Media)

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Proper filtration is important to maintain a clear and healthy pond. Filtration can be mechanical, biological, or UV clarification. Mechanical filtration physically removes debris. Biological filtration provides surface area for colonization of beneficial bacteria. Water may then be passed through ultra-violet light for sterilization. Filtration systems utilizing multiple methods help provide a healthy, beautiful, and low maintenance water feature.

Livingponds 22" Waterfall 100

Livingponds Filters are engineered to provide maximum biological filtration that is easy to maintain, and are designed with bottom drain capability, allowing back-flush of the entire filter. Top inflow eliminates the need of restrictive, expensive check valves. Water is funneled into the bottom, creating a vortex that distributes oxygenated water throughout the filter media (not included).

  • Operates at peak efficiency even when filter media is dirty

  • Significantly reduces maintenance

  • Superior round design (30% of a square filter is simply unused corner space!)

  • Injection-molded durable housing will not warp or crush

  • Easy to assemble, install, and maintain

  • Built in biological and mechanical filtration

Max Flow: 5,000 GPH

Dimensions: 23" x 33" x 24"

Weight: 40lbs