WaterWall Spillways

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Stainless Steel
Copper Finish

WaterWall Spillways

A new concept in water wall design, Atlantic’s WaterWall Spillways eliminate the need for valances, with an attractive stainless steel or copper finish that can be left visible-- simplifying installation. Modular vertical spillways create water walls and weeping walls of any width in 24-inch increments, with seamless water flow between units.

  • Unique back-angled spout directs water downwards and onto wall below plumbing connection, to eliminate leaks, unwanted humidity, and splash.

  • Concept of spillway as decorative focal point eliminated the need for valences.

  • Heavy-gauge 316 stainless steel construction ensures durability under even the harshest conditions.

  • Bottom inlet accommodates wood-framed walls with masonry facades up to 1.5" thick.

    - For masonry walls, cut channel in block below water wall to accommodate plumbing.

  • 1.5" female threaded inlet and center rear bonding lug facilitate hidden in-wall plumbing connections.

Available in brushed stainless steel and antique copper finishes.

WaterWall Spillway
SWS24-316 CWS24-316
Description 24" Stainless Steel WaterWall Spillway 24" Antique Copper Finish WaterWall Spillway
Flow Rate Smooth Surfaces: 750 - 1500gph
Rough Surfaces: 1500 - 3000gph
Smooth Surfaces: 750 - 1500gph
Rough Surfaces: 1500 - 3000gph
Inlet 1 1/2" FIPT 1 1/2" FIPT
Dimensions 24"W x 5 1/4" D x 3 1/2"H 24"W x 5 1/4" D x 3 1/2"H
Warranty 3-Year 3-Year