5/8" Weighted Black Vinyl Tubing

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5/8" x 100'
5/8" x 300'

Weighted Black Vinyl Tubing

For use with air pumps. Weighted tubing carried air produced by a compressor down to the diffuser at the bottom of the pond when using it for aeration purposes. The tubing will stay at the bottom of your pond or water feature without having to use weights, making it easy for setting up your project. 

  • Virtually invisible inside pond
  • Does not deteriorate in sunlight 
  • Easy to use: very flexible and bends without kinking 

5/8" tubing comes in 100' and 300' rolls.


Weighted Tubing Packaging Dimensions Weight
5/8" x 100' Roll 25" x 23" x 15" 44
5/8" x 300' Roll 25" x 23" x 25" 132