Achelous AquaBox Basins

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36" AquaBox
48" AquaBox
52" Square AquaBox

Blue Thumb AquaBoxes

Use the AquaBox to support expensive and heavy fountains. These basins are designed to be lightweight for a professional install. Features removable top panels, a center support, and plastic pump cover. Additional support columns can be added when using heavier fountains. 

AquaBox Fountain Size Dimensions Capacity (gal) Max Static Load (lbs) Polished Pebble Cover Weight (lbs)
36" Achelous AquaBox Medium 16"H x 36"inside dia; 39.5" overall dia. 60 750 4-5 bags required 40
48" Achelous AquaBox Large 16"H x 48" inside dia; 51.5" overall dia. 95 1,200 5-6 bags required 65
Altum AquaBox (Square) Large/Multiple 52.5" x 52.5" x 20" 220 2,000 8-10 bags required 110