Anjon Bio-Pro Pressure Filters with Mats and Bio Balls

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BioPro 3000GPH
BioPro 4000GPH

Pressure Filtration

Savio Engineering pressure filters include patented SpringFlo Bio Filter Media to remove debris and clean water using biological, mechanical, and UV filtration. Ideal for removing algae and fish waste for clean, clear, and healthy water. 

BioPro Pressure Filtration

  • 2-Stage mechanical filtration (filter mats) removes coarse and fine floating particulates
  • Biological filtration (Bio Balls) promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which converts ammonia and harmful waste into healthy nitrates
  • Built-in UV clarifier eliminates free floating algae
  • UV light indicator glows to confirm clarifier is functioning properly 
  • Heavy-duty, water-tight housing is easy accessible for rountine filter maintenance
  • Can be partially buried to conceal filter and blend with landscape
  • 1.5" male NPT inlet/outlet with multi step barb - 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" 
  • 23' Power cord
BioPro Pressure Filter UV Watts Max Pond Size (gal) Max Pump (GPH) Hole Size Packaging Dimensions Weight (lbs)
Bio-Pro 3000 18-Watts 3,000 3,000 22.5" x 18" x 21.5" 17" x 18" x 22" 20
Bio-Pro 4000 24-Watts 4,000 4,000 22.5" x 22" x 21.5" 22.5" x 22" x 21.5" 25