Waterfall Foam, Applicator Gun, and Gun Cleaner

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Black Waterfall Foam 16oz
Black Waterfall Foam Cartridge 24oz
Gun Applicator
Spray Foam Cleaner 6oz
Spray Foam Cleaner 20oz

Savio Black Waterfall Foam

Direct the flow of water over the rocks in your stream or waterfall with Savio Black Foam. This convenient, black colored polymer expands to form a waterproof seal in cracks or voids between rocks and most construction materials. The foam's easy-to-use can makes it simple to point and fill, while the foam's black color discretely blends with liner and rocks. The foam is closed cell, and will not age, harden, or shrink. Additionally, it is safe for water gardens with fish and other aquatic life. It is perfect for filling and sealing holes in a variety of applications such as securing stone edging or containing gravel on bog shelves. This foam dries quickly. It is tack-free in 20 minutes and ready to trim in less than an hour. Each can delivers approximately 750 cubic inches of cured foam.

  • Helps provide the picturesque "curtain effect" with waterfalls

  • Expanding foam fills in gaps and voids between rocks to redirect water flow

  • Secures stone edging and contains gravel on bog shelves 

Available in 16oz and 24oz sizes.

Savio Stainless Steel Foam Gun Applicator

  • Professional-grade stainless steel with durable polymer grip

  • Uses 24oz Black Foam Cartridges that can be stores and reused later

  • Adjustable bead control with immediate shut off

  • Pressure-sensitive trigger for precise flow control

**Note: it is recommended to leave a can on the gun between usages. Then, as you change each cartridge, use the Savio Foam Gun  Cleaner to keep your equipment well-maintained.

Savio Spray Foam Cleaner/Gun Cleaner

Spray Foam Cleaner attaches to Gun Applicator and includes detachable nozzle to clean over spray mistakes. A strong solvent for clean-up for uncured foam or long-term gun storage. Screw onto gun to flush, or use the applicator to clean external parts of the gun. 

Available in 6oz and 20oz sizes.

Tips for Using Black Foam

Waterfall foam ensures the water in transit stays in the feature and water flows over the stone. Use waterfall foam to fill any gaps where water could drop below the stones and reduce the visual flow of the waterfall.

  • For best results, use the Stainless Steel Gun Applicator.

  • While the foam is curing, place small rocks and dirt on foam to camouflage large gaps and blend into hardscape.

  • Prevent water from going under stones by using black waterfall foam near the weir, back and edges of streamways and waterfalls.

  •  Wear protective equipment (gloves, goggles, etc.) and use in ventilated area.
Waterfall Foaming Part Application Weight (lbs)
16oz Black Waterfall Foam Straw Applicator 1
24oz Black Waterfall Foam (Cartridge) Gun Applicator 3
Steel Gun Applicator - 2
6oz Black Foam Gun Cleaner Gun or Included Applicator 1
20oz Black Foam Gun Applicator Gun or Included Applicator 3