Anjon Pond Ionizer, Test Strips, and Replacement Parts



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AION Ionizer System
3001-G Insta-Test pH Strips
REP-ANODE Replacement Anode
AION-CONT 3-Watt Replacement Control

Anjon Ionizer

The Anjon Pond Ionizer represents the latest innovation in safe and effective control the unsightly organic growth in Koi ponds, water gardens and pondless waterfalls. This Ionizer electronically detects, monitors and controls microscopic levels of copper, silver and zinc ions in your pond...adding just the right amount to eliminate unwanted growth... but not too much to cause harm to fish or plants. Ionizers dramatically reduce pond maintenance, providing clear water without the use of chemical treatments. This kit includes the electronic control module, ionizer probe, threaded tee, low voltage transformer, test kit, low voltage wiring from transformer to controller and controller to probe, operating instructions.

  • Electronic water clarifier; detects, monitors, and controls microscopic levels of copper, silver, and zinc ions. Uses less than $2 a month in electricity (may vary by location)

  • Complete with electronic control module, ionizer probe, threaded tee, low voltage transformer, test kit, all necessary wiring, and operating instructions.  Probes typically last 1-3 seasons, depending on specific applications

  • Eliminates unsightly water conditions without the use of chemicals; dramatically reduces pond maintenance

  • Use with ponds up to 25,000 gallons

  • Simple to install and easy to maintain

  • Works in pond & pond free features; Keeps waterfalls and streams clean

  • Works well against string algae; fish, wildlife, and aquatic plant safe

  • 2" PVC tee socket, SLIP & SLIP

There are four available products relating to the Anjon Ionizer:

  1. AION - Ionizer System

  2. 3001-G -  Insta-Test pH Test Strips. Tests for Copper, PH, and Alkalinity

  3. REP-ANODE - Replacement Anode for Ionizer

  4. AION-CONT - 3-Watt Replacement Control for Ionizer 
Anjon Ionizer Max Pond Size (gal) Flow Rate (GPH) Weight (lbs)
25,000 500 - 5,000 4
Insta-Test pH Test Strips
- - 1
Replacement Anode
25,000 500 - 5,000 2
3-Watt Replacement Control
- - 1