Anjon Pond Free Blocks - Single Block, Kit, And Riser Parts

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K6006 Single Pond-Free Block
K6006R-KIT Riser Kit (Block/Riser/Lid)
K6006RP Pre-Cut Panel for Riser
K6006R Riser and Lid

Pond Free Block

Use Pond Free Blocks to create high-capacity water storage for your pond free applications. Blocks have 97% void space, compared to 20% for gravel, allowing for 5x more water in a smaller space (30 gallons each). Strong enough to support pavers, gravel, and other landscaping (additional inserts may be added for extra heavy loads). Quick and easy to assemble, reduces volume of rocks needed for fill, and ensures plenty of water is available for the pump. Easier to clean and less likely to clog compared to gravel filled basins.

Pond Free Block With Riser

Pond Free Blocks with Riser offer a new basin solution for small pond-free waterfalls and streams. These blocks provide an inexpensive and flexible solution for monument spillways and fountains. The Pond Free Block provides more water storage than gravel alone, while the added riser allows for easy access to the pump and plumbing.

There are 4 available Pond Free Block components:

  1. K6006 - Single Pond Free Block

  2. K6006R-KIT - Riser Kit (Block, Riser, and Lid)

  3. K6006RP - Pre-cut Panel for Riser

  4. K6006R - Pond Free Riser and Lid

Pond Free Block Component Volume (gal) Packaging Dimensions Weight (lbs)
Single Pond Free Block
30 28" x 15.5" x 17" 15
Pond Free Block Riser Kit (Block, Riser, Lid) (K6006R-KIT) 30 28" x 18.5" x 15.5" 18
Pre-cut Panel for Riser
- 28" x 15.5" x 1" 2
Pond Free Riser and Lid
- 8.75" x 8.5" x 2.5" 1