Basins For Formal Falls

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Basins for Formal Falls

The basin for Formal Falls was designed to create an easy way to install a pondless waterfall feature within a block wall structure indoors or outside with a maximum height of 24". The basin can be sunk in-ground or used above ground, and comes equipped with dual pump access through a stainless steel access panel located just under the splash mat. There is a pre-installed spinweld located on both the left and right for a potential auto fill valve, making installation fast and easy.

  • No winterizing needed.

  • Includes prefilter / antisplash mat.

  • Includes pump covers.

  • Accepts Blue Thumb Autofill Kit (sold separately).

How It Works

The Formal Falls Basin protects the pump and plumbing assembly. Decorative stones disguise the molded basin and flex hose.

The pump moves water through the flex hose and into a Formal Falls Stainless Weir. From there, the waterfall cascades into the basin and the cycle begins again.

Small - Medium Formal Falls Basin Large Formal Falls Basin
Dimensions 44.125" x 22" x 16"H 56" x 24" x 16"H
Reservoir Size 42 gallons 65 gallons
Recommended Weir Small Formal Falls - PB1779
Medium Formal Falls - PB1793
Large Formal Falls - PB1816
Accepts Auto-Fill Yes Yes
Suggested Pump Size 1800 - 4200 gph 6000 gph