Big Frog Tuff Tanks (with Lids) and Tank Extension

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15G Tuff Tank
22G Tuff Tank
15 G
TT-EXT18 18" TT-22 Extension

Big Frog Tuff Tanks

The primary component of pond-free water features, Big Frog Tuff Tanks protect your pump from the crushing forces of rock and allow you to check the water level in your reservoir. The clog-free water intake allows water to enter the tank and for sediment to settle to the bottom. Heavy duty, Tuff Tanks are made of injection-molded polyethylene and will not rust, rot, or deteriorate.

Available in two sizes:

  1.  TT-15 - Tuff Tank 15. 17" tall with a 15-gallon capacity.

  2.  TT-22 - Tuff Tank 22. 24" tall with a 22-gallon capacity.

The TT-22 has an optional extension:

  1. TT-EXT18 - 18" Tuff Tank 22 Extension. Bolts to TT-22 for sturdy assembly.

Parts Breakdown

  1. Tuff Tank Lid - The collapse-proof design keeps rocks out of the pump tank. Easily removable for accessing the pump. Stays in place when you need it to.

  2. Tuff Tank - Crush-resistant cylinder that withstands extreme compression and inward lateral pressure.

  3. Tuff Tank Extension - 18" extension securely bolts onto the TT-22. The TT-22 has a rugged body, with plenty of holes for water flow and an exit for the 3" hose.
Big Frog Tuff Tank Max Flow (GPH) Volume (gallon) Packaging Dimensions Weight (lbs)
Tuff Tank 15
5,000 15 19" dia. x 17" 10
Tuff Tank 22
12,500 22 21" dia. x 24" 17
Tuff Tank 18" Extension
12,500 17 21" dia. x 18.75" 12