Ignite Spotlights Replacements Lens Caps

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Hooded Lens Caps
Flat Lens Caps

Ignite Landscape Lighting

The perfect way to turn your already scenic and natural outdoor setting into a glowing sculpture of warmth and elegance, Ignite Landscape Lighting offers a fully customizable line of outdoor lighting supplies. Lighting adds the finishing touch to a koi pond, water garden, or waterfall project. Place lights in and around your water feature to highlight key design elements, illuminate, areas where fish congregate, or assure greater safety at night. 

Replacement Lenses and Hoods for Ignite Spotlights

The following 12 replacement options are available for Ignite Spotlights:

  1. 1WHLC - Brass 1-Watt Hooded Lens Cap

  2. 1WFLC - Brass 1-Watt Flat Lens Cap

  3. 3WHLC - Brass 3-Watt Hooded Lens Cap

  4. 3WFLC - Brass 3-Watt Flat Lens Cap

  5. 4WHLC - Brass 4-Watt Hooded Lens Cap

  6. 4WFLC - Brass 4-Watt Flat Lens Cap

  7. 1WHLC-BZ - Bronze 1-Watt Hooded Lens Cap

  8. 1WFLC-BZ - Bronze 1-Watt Flat Lens Cap

  9. 3WHLC-BZ - Bronze 3-Watt Hooded Lens Cap

  10. 3WFLC-BZ - Bronze 3-Watt Flat Lens Cap

  11. 4WHLC-BZ - Bronze 4-Watt Hooded Lens Cap

  12. 4WFLC-BZ - Bronze 4-Watt Flat Lens Cap