Replacement Parts for Triton Ionizers - TRION2/TRION3



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Control Panel
Flow Chamber

Triton Ionizers

Ionizers mineralize water to keep water features clean and clear with minimal oversight. Atlantic's Triton Ionizers are easily installed in any new or existing water feature, clearing the water without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Level of mineralization is controlled by the LED panel.

  • Treats ponds up to 25,00 gallons; safe for fish and plants when used correctly.

  • Electrodes are easily replaced without tools.

Replacement Parts for Trion Ionizers

There are 3 replacement parts available:

  1. REPTRIONCP - Control Panel for TRION2/TRION3

  2. REPTRIONFC - Flow Chamber for TRION2/TRION3

  3. REPTRIONGK - Gasket for TRION2/TRION3