CrystalClear ClarityMax

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CrystalClear ClarityMax

CrystalClear ClarityMax cleans ponds with an unprecedented combination of all-natural proprietary formula blended with bacteria and enzymes. These ingredients work in tandem to clean, polish and break down dead organic debris that creates problems for pond hobbyists in and around waterfalls, streams, plant pots, and filtration systems. ClarityMax also is designed to maintain crystal clear water for the long term. Use once every week when water temperatures are above 50°F. Safe for all aquatic life.


Application Information

CrystalClear ClarityMax 1lb 2lb
Application Granular Granular
Temperature Restriction Above 50°F Above 50°F
Gallons Treated for 4 Months Up to 500 Gallons Up to 1,250 Gallons
Shelf Life 3-Years 3-Years

Dosage Information

Pond Size
(Once per Week)
Up to 500 Gallons 1 Ounce
Up to 1,000 Gallons 2 Ounce
Up to 2,000 Gallons 4 Ounce
Up to 4,000 Gallons 8 Ounce
Please note: Above are recommendations. Always read the product label.

Routine Application Rate

For a sparkling clean and clear pond apply ClarityMax once a week directly to the pond or filtration system. Recommended application rate is 1oz for every 500 gallons of water.

Persistent Problem Application Rate

For persistent pond problems apply ClarityMax up to every 3 days at the prescribed rate until the problem is corrected. Then return to a normal weekly application rate.

For Best Results

For ClarityMax to work at its maximum potential, pond water pH should be maintained between 6.5 and 8.5. Water temperature should be at least 50°F and dissolved oxygen levels should be above 3 ppm.

Usage Notice

Pond may become cloudy after application; this is normal. Cloudiness should clear within 24-48 hours after application.