Dewitt Pond Netting

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28' x 28'
10'x12' Deluxe
12'x20' Deluxe
20'x20' Deluxe

Dewitt Bird & Pond Netting

Dewitt Bird & Pond Netting is a durable, UV-treated polyproylene with 3/4" hole openings that allows in sunlight, moisture and ventilation. It is a safe, humane pest protection for fruit and vegetables or can be used to protect fish and water life from predators. Also safely deters children and pets from the protected area. Netting helps keep leaves and harmful debris out of pond water, keeping it cleaner and healthier, which extends the life of the pond. 

Available sizes: 7' x 10' (100224), 14' x 14' (100223), & 28' x 28' (100222).

Dewitt Deluxe Pond Netting

Dewitt Deluxe Pond Netting is a sturdy, safe material to install over ponds to prevent leaves and other debris from entering the pond environment, while protecting fish and other pond life from predators. It is constructed of polyethylene with 1/4" inch hole opening. The strands are bonded together and UV-treated for longer life. Deluxe Pond Netting allows sunlight, air and moisture which helps maintain the proper biological balance for all pond life. It is easy to use and install. 

Available sizes: 10' x 12' (4257981519), 12' x 20' (42579815197), & 20' x 20' (DEWPN302020).