Flex Basin Plumbing Kit - Single

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Flex Basin Plumbing Kit - Single

Atlantic offers an easy way to plumb Flexible Hardscape Basins and simultaneously hide the pump cord, providing all the components needed to allow the pump cord to exit the basin invisibly. Two Cord Seal Fittings, along with standard tees, allow the cord to pass from inside the basin to the exterior, inside he plumbing itself, without leakage. Once installed, the plumbing can be configured in any way desired, while the cord may be removed and replaced as needed.

The FFKIT1 is used to plumb a single Spillway, Spout, or Colorfalls to any Flexible Basin. Atlantic's Flexible Basin Plumbing Kit speeds up and simplifies hardscape feature installations, reducing time to select, purchase, and install decorative features.

  • Comes with 9' of 1.5" Flex PVC, Cord Seal Fitting, SN2800 RTV Silicone, and fittings.

  • 1-Year Warranty.