Large Birdbath Boulder Kit

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Large Bird Bath Fountain Kit

Bring nature into your backyard with this fountain kit. This low-profile fountain provides optimal viewing as birds splash and preen themselves on the wide surface, while enjoying with the pleasant sound of gently moving water.

Made in-house, each GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) fountain is molded from real stone giving them a very natural look and texture. The quality construction ensures many years of durability, yet weighs hundreds of pounds less than the identical "real" stone.

Blue Thumb's expert rock makers carefully hand-paint every rock to ensure it replicates the natural beauty of real rock.

Large Birdbath Fountain Kit Includes:

  • GFRC Large Bird Bath Fountain Rock
    • Rock Dimensions: 42" X 32" X 9"H
    • Rock Weight: 60 lbs
  • Reservoir: 48" Achelous Basin
    • Basin Dimensions: 36" X 21" X 13"H
    • Basin Weight: 65 lbs
    • Reservoir Capacity: Approx. 95 gallons
  • Pump: Mag-Drive Pump 1,100 gph flow
  • Plumbing: Kink-free tubing with quick disconnects, ball valve and required fittings
  • Polished Pebbles (160lbs)