Matala Filter Kits for FilterFalls

Atlantic-Oase SKU: MA1600


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Filter Kit for BF1600
Filter Kit for BF1900
Filter Kit for BF2600
Filter Kit for BF3800

Atlantic Matala Filter Kits

Customize your FilterFalls with three-stage Matala Filter Kits. Coarse, medium, and fine Matala mats reduce channeling, increase surface area, and backwash more easily than standard filter mats.

  • Add over 300 square feet of additional Specific Surface Area per kit; up to 2 kits per FilterFalls.

Four available sizes:

  1. MA1600 - for use with BF1600.

  2. MA1900 - for use with BF1900.

  3. MA2600 - for use with BF2600.

  4. MA3800- for use with BF3800.