Oase Easy Garden Control

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Oase Easy Garden Control

The Oase Easy Garden Control (EGC) system operates and monitors EGC devices via WiFi application, either locally or over the Internet. EGC-enabled filters, pumps, and lights are directly linked to the EGC Cloud Controller with Connection Cables and controlled by the Oase Easy Control application.

  • The free Easy Control app individually reads and regulates any combination of up to 10 EGC pumps, filters, or LED controllers on any Apple or Android platform.

  • For local control of the hardwired network within 260' of the Cloud Controller, the Oase Easy Control application connects directly to the Controller.

  • For world-wide control, link the Cloud Controller to a home router to enable the app to control the devices through Oase Cloud at oec.oase-livingwater.com.

  • Controller mounts conveniently on a wall or in the ground with included stake and mounting hardware.

  • The controller housing has an IP64 waterproof rating allowing for all-season outdoor use.

  • All compatible devices connect to each other by cables to in/out plugs on devices.

  • All components are individually controlled regardless of their location in the chain of devices.

How to Install

EGC Compatible devices connect to each other directly with Connection Cables and Connectors, as required.

  • Start the beginning of the run with the EGC Cloud Controller. It doesn’t matter what order the devices are connected. Each device is individually addressable and controllable.

  • An End Resistor in the last device will signal the end of the run to the Cloud Controller.

  • Download the Android or iOS “OASE Easy Control” application and install to access the Cloud Controller in one of two ways:

    1. Select “Direct (Access Point)” on startup to connect to the Cloud Controller’s internal WiFi from anywhere within a 260’ radius.

    2. You may also connect the Cloud Controller directly to your home router for full internet access.
  • Once set up, simply go to the OASE Cloud Portal on any internet enabled device-phone, tablet or computer- to control devices, receive notifications and monitor equipment from anywhere in the world at oec.oase-livingwater.com. Optional router connection will continue to allow Direct Access within 260’. 
Item # 72380
Description EGC Cloud Controller
Input 12 Volt AC
Watts 2
Cord Length 6'
Dimensions 5 1/4"W x 3 1/2"D x 1 1/2"H
Includes 6' EGC connection cable, End Resistor, and 100V outdoor transformer
Warranty 2-Years + 1


Compatible Devices

Compatible Devices
Filters ProfiClear Premium Compact-M (72374)
ProfiClear Premium Compact-L (73379)
ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Gravity-Fed (89194)
Lights ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Set 3 (72376)
ProfiLux Garden LED RGB (72377)
Pumps AquaMax Eco Expert 6800 (57875)
Aquarius Eco Expert 7300 (57964)
Aquarius Eco Expert 11500 (57978)