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ProfiClear Premium Compact-M
ProfiClear Premium Compact-L

Oase ProFiClear Premium Drum Filters - Pump-Fed

Drum filters utilize a rotating screen to remove debris and moving bed filtration to strip ammonia and nitrites from the water. Oase ProfiClear Premium is a fully automatic, pump-fed, flow-through, self-cleaning drum filter that polishes water.

  • Moving bed system with Hel-X bio-media processes a minimum of 10 oz. of food waste per day and can be upgraded.

  • Micro control system offers a choice of manual cleaning, time interval cleaning, or fully automatic cleaning via sensor.

  • Digital temperature display provides accurate water temperatures for seasonal maintenance.

  • Connections for Bitron C UVC and AquaOxy 450 to enhance filtration and aeration (sold separately).

  • Fully control your ProfiClear Compact from anywhere in the world with the Easy Garden Control (EGC) system (sold separately).

The ProfiClear Premium filters use a high-pressure pump to keep the tiny perforations in the sieve clean automatically. The powerful pump draws significant wattage during operation, but only operates a fraction of the time, keeping total electrical usage minimal. When the pump is not running, the filter uses only 5 watts of electricity.

ProfiClear Premium Features:

ProfiClear Premium Compact-M Pump-Fed Filter

ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Gravity-Fed Filter

  1.  Dual inlets accommodate optional Bitron C UVC Clarifier.

  2. Secondary inlet accommodates 2" pipe for non-UVC equipped installations.

  3. Microcontroller with digital thermometer automates cleaning functions and can be connected to an EGC system.

  4. Made from German-engineered GFK Duroplast for enhanced structural integrity.

  5. Drain with integrated slide valve clears sludge as needed.

  6. Drum filter with removable micro sieve that can be upgraded to finer 60 micron screen and manually cleaned if needed.

  7. Spray bar removes fine particles from micro sieve.

  8. Hel-X Floating Bed Bio-Media may be supplemented with 20 additional liters of Hel-X Bio-media for greater filtration.

  9. Discharge returns clean water to pond.

  10. Dirty water discharge 4" Outlet.
Item # 72374 73379
Description ProfiClear Premium Compact-M Pump-Fed ProfiClear Premium Compact-L Pump-Fed
Volts 120 120
Watts 5 / 870 (cleaning) 5 / 1150 (cleaning)
Inlet (2) 2" (2) 3"
Outlet DN 110 - requires 4" rubber coupling (not included) (2) DN 110 - requires 4" rubber coupling (not included)
Waste Discharge Outlet 4" 4"
Min Flow 2,000 gph 2,640 gph
Max Flow 4,000 gph 5,280 gph
Coarse Debris Extraction 80 microns 60 microns
Cleaning Pump 58 psi 87 psi
Cord Length 16' + 3' 16' + 3'
Dimensions 35"L x 27"W x 32"H 53"L x 35 1/2"W x 32 1/2"H
Pond Volume up to 21,000 gal up to 31,500 gal
Includes 40 liters Hel-X Bio-media 60 liters Hel-X Bio-media
Warranty 2-Year +1 2-Year + 1


Clear Water Guarantee Product Pairings

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Light: <21,000 gal
Medium: <10,500 gal
Heavy: <5,250 gal
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