ProfiClear Premium Compact Drum Filters Bio Media

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Hel-X 13 Bio Media
Pond Pads Bio Media

Oase ProfiClear Hel-X 13 Bio Media and PondPads

With their respective folded and porous structures, these biological media provide plenty of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize on, furthering the filtration capabilities of the ProfiClear Premium Compact systems. Biological filtration by beneficial bacteria removes toxic ammonia, ammonium, and nitrites.

The combination of aeration and agitation of bio-media is he most efficient way to maximize biofiltration and remove pollutants. Particles of bio media in constant motion slough off dead bacteria, exposing new colonies to pollutants in the water. However, too much motion or collision of the particles can damage colonies on the outside of the floating media. Hel-X 13 has a large ratio of protected inner surface area versus exposed outer surface area, so the agitation caused by the turbulent water does not damage the bacterial colonies inside of the media. This keeps colonies clean and active without a loss of decomposition capacity. This add-on pack contains 20 liters of Hel-X Bio Media.

PondPads are the best substrate for bacteria in the ProfiClear Compact Moving Bed Module. The massive surface area of PondPads breaks down almost four times as much waste per unit volume as Hel-X 13 Bio-Media. These bags contain 10 liters of PondPads, which can decompose approximately 9 oz. of food waste per day.

ProfiClear Premium Compact Bio Media

Item Description Media-Specific Surface Are For Use With
Hel-X 13mm Bio-Media - 20L Pack 245 ft²/ft³ ProfiClear Premium Compact-M
ProfiClear Premium Compact-L
ProfiCLear Premium Individual Module

PondPads - 10L Pack 1,665 ft²/ft³ ProfiClear Premium Moving Bed Module