Replacement Matala for Elite Skimmers and Waterfalls

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Matala for 8"Elite Skimmer
Matala for 10" Elite Skimmer
Matala for 14" Elite Waterfall
Matala for 15" Elite Skimmer
Matala for 22" Elite Waterfall
Matala for 30" Elite Waterfall

Replacement Matala for Elite Skimmers and Waterfall Boxes

A cutting edge filter media, Matala works great as a mechanical and biological media. The solid Matala fibers resist sludge build up and are a snap to clean. Maximize the efficiency of your filter with the large amount of surface area of Matala. These products are replacement pieces for the Elite Skimmer and Waterfall Boxes.

MT8GR - Matala Mat

MT10GR - Matala Mat

MT14GR - Matala Mat

MT15GR - Matala Mat

MT22GR - Matala Mat

MT30GR - Matala Mat