Sludge Remover

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Sludge Remover

Easy-to-throw 1/2oz sludge-eliminating tablets rapidly digest decomposing vegetation and fish waste. For use in large ponds/lakes.

  • Plant and fish safe; perfect for wading and swimming areas.

  • When regularly applied as directed, can remove up to 5 inches of muck per year.

Available in 6lb and 24lb sizes.

Description Sludge Remover Sludge Remover
Size 192 tablets - 6lbs 768 tablets - 24lbs
Dosage 16 tablets per 1000 sq. feet every 2 weeks 64 tablets per 400 sq. feet every 2 weeks
Treats 1,000 sq. feet for 6 months 4,000 sq. feet for 6 months