Tetra Vacation Pond Food

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Tetra Vacation Food

Keep peace of mind when traveling with our Pond Vacation Food. The gel-based block will feed all pond fish for up to seven days without clogging water.


Remove foil seal, drop feeding block(s) into the pond. See Chart for number of blocks recommended: 


      Stocking Level of Pond
7-Day period 14-Day Period
15-20 Goldfish Medium Size 1 Block 2 Blocks
2-3 Koi Medium Size 1 Block 2 Blocks


Add additional blocks if your pond contains more or larger fish. Depending on the number and size of fish in your pond, the feeder block might not be fully consumed when you return from vacation. The feeder block does not disintegrate on its own. If there is food left, you may leave the block in the pond and resume feeding regular pond diets.