Triple Hollow Basalt Kit

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Hollowed-Out Basalt Fountain Kit

The hollowed-out tops in this triple basalt kit fountain style creates a pool of water 6"-8" deep on each of the fountains!

Blue Thumb's unique collections of basalt fountains are a great way to introduce the sound of running water to your garden, no matter the size. These fountains have gained immense popularity among homeowners wanting to enhance to appeal of their environment. The melodious basalt fountains are a presence in a small garden or lawn space.

Why choose a Basalt Fountain?

Blue Thumb works directly with the quarries to supply only the highest quality columns to be used as basalt fountains. The base used to support the weight of these dense columns needs to be of the right thickness and be supportive and not cave over time. AquaBox basins are the best choice when installing basalt column fountains.

Short Kit - ABBC400

Tall Kit - ABBC425

Extra Tall Kit - ABBC475